Next week prediction on Cointellect payout situation

Happy Friday to me to everyone, if anyone is reading 🙂

What we know, and facts about cointellect as of today.

  • Over 90% or more members did not get paid, doesn’t matter if you requested payout for 25 cent, $25, or $2500, nope it’s not going and all did or will get cancelled. Does not matter if you wait a week letting the earning accumulate before requesting payout, that don’t work either. Some new members did get paid, but very small volume and probably just a trick to  lure new members into investing.
  • Cointellect did attended Bitcoin Expo 2015, and they seem to be professional individual well dress, and appears legitimate folks, but again never EVER let those business dress or suit fool you :).
  • Liar: Announcement of instant Dogecoin payout, didn’t even last 4 hours. Cryptopay working, nope didn’t work, some lucky people went through though. Paypal, nope works for a few weeks then problems, then not work. Any payout method works? NONE nada, nothing work as of today, even the Mining Pool. Cointellect reason for not paying was because of limit 🙂 meaning all the members are screwed! don’t you get it? Cointellect telling you out flat “limited payout” weekly, why would anyone invest anymore into this program?
  • Cointellect Mining Pool works, nope, if you’re lucky connected, then you will earn few pennies because the pool will keep on disconnecting you.
  • Cointellect will support you if you have problems paying buying mining contract. If you contact on other issues including payout request, your email will get ignored and off course they cuss at you behind your back LOL ok that’s a joke about cussing.

OK now my prediction based on my research and feedback I got from other people. Some say next week Cointellect have surprise LOL this is just so much like Coingeneration I got the same messages 🙂 So what’s the surprise coming next week?

  • Cointellect News will be published, apologies blah blah blah … these are my funny but real life prediction just like any others BIG ponzi scheme scam out there.
    • Due to the nature of Bitcoin value, we were force to increase 60% fees for withdrawal. It’s a joke but yeah it could happen.
    • Our developer are working hard to integrate new payout prepaid credit card, which will never happen.
    • Our developer are working hard to fix issue with API integrate cryptopay and negociate further with cryptopay. How long already? months
    • We are planning to go public IPO and offering you to buy our stocks, discount price for existing members. 50% off and have some shares of Cointellect stocks. Coingeneration style.
    • Send us more money to buy Bitcoin, it’s so low, when it goes up we will double the profit to you.
    • Use your balance to buy more mining contract at discount price.
    • And a lot more that I can think off what ponzi scheme scam can pull

Well let see what Cointellect have up their sleeves to pull in the next coming weeks. I can tell you for sure, it’s not going to be we will pay you in full, don’t worry, we will pay every single person in full, we have money and balance is great, we’re depositing the money to get you dogecoin payout and so on blah blah. Don’t expect any of those action will be taken, you will never get paid again in full, but instead you will get manipulated in some surprises, again it’s ain’t gonna be paying your earning in full, that is impossible at this time, do you know how much backlog payout is for almost a month already? impossible to make full payout, mark my word, you will not get paid in full and will never will for the remainder of Cointellect life.

Cointellect doing selective payout proving to be fraud SCAM

Just in case you’re wondering what’s going lately? Well it’s the same thing that Coingeneration were doing during the last couple of months of running away, although website are still up, sort of, and to proof that these people can scam you and nothing you can do about it, they continue to so again and again.

In the case of Cointellect at the moment, payout are pennies and to selective groups of members. These groups of members are new and potentially will reinvest, or invest with bigger money. Each members are now being managed individual, Cointellect have a system of analyzing to predict if the user will reinvest or invest again, if so, the member will get paid.

For cointellect members that already gotten their ROI (return of investment) back already, chances are you will never going to get paid again. For Cointellect members that have large investments paid via Bitcoin, your chances of not getting paid is higher than those that invested in Credit Cards, because with Credit Cards as more and more people are reporting dispute of fraud by Cointellect will shut down Cointellect credit card merchant account, will not hurt them much, but at least now an indication of fraud and filed with banks.

I got a message from cointellect members confirmed that his referrals got paid, but not him. This Cointellect member just purchased a contract lately too. This is to confirm that Cointellect are doing selective payout. Cointellect is a SCAM if they’re doing this and apparently they are doing it, just like Cointellect will be just like Coingeneration.

My reference’s payments

My Payments

Cointellect reputation has been ruined failure to deliver what they said

Let face it. Bitcoin impacted many related crypto currencies business. Cointellect isn’t one, but it just that Cointellect have decision maker from their team, if they even have a team by now that is.

As of today, anywhere you search online, google search for cointellect, almost everysite that talks about cointellect most if not all comments by real members users would indicate Cointellect having problems paying. This is a fact, not make up or exaggeration. The bottom line is as of these days, Cointellect IS NOT PAYING.

If you didn’t follow my blog on cointellect scroll back or go back and read the 11 things Cointellect did wrong.

I urges people to contact their bank credit card company and dispute the amount invested immediately. There is no way Cointellect can make anymore payout, what they’re doing now is just putting bandage on so they continue to get flow of investors but it’s not working, so most likely they will disappear just like Look at the Bitcoin price, no way bitcoin can gain momentum up to $300-400 in the next few weeks or month based on its trend, and Cointellect already confirmed they got impacted by the Bitcoin price whether it’s true or not, or just taking advantage. For those that invested in Bitcoin, your money is gone, no one can help you, even if you sent [email protected] email don’t exact anything, in fact they might be laughing at you for being ignorant, just like many others you got scammed by an unknown online business just like

For those that the mine on Cointellect Pool, it’s best that you switch to another multipool that pay realistic amount, not made up algo or logic like Cointellect Mining Pool. On top of that Cointellect mining pool has many problems for few months now by manual intervention from the operators.

1 person got paid from Cointellect?

I received a message earlier today from one of my fan lol 🙂 Well thanks again anonymous person. This user of Cointellect said that he got paid from cointellect despite many other people reported not getting paid.

I think this is possible, maybe Cointellect are doing payout to specific group of members users. Just like how Coingeneration was doing it. Cointellect probably doing selective payout to group of users or members that they know will likely to purchase Mining Contract after payout goes through. For people that already made profit and doesn’t look like ever reinvest Cointellect will probably no longer paying to this group of people. What cointellect doing is to target members that they know will likely to reinvest or invest more. Off course also to those members that have high quality referrals will most likely to get paid.

When a website load slow or not responding or timed out or doesn’t load at all?

What do you think happen? When a website load slow or not responding or timed out or doesn’t load at all. When this happens, immediate reaction from people are the website is down. Well, folks there is a fast way to check, it call “google search” you already know how to use it. All you have to do is, google search for “is website up?”

In the case of Cointellect, which I’ve been talking about a lot lately due to the fact that I’ve been monitoring major projects online that allow people to make money easy as letting your computer running, in addition with with investments that would sometime tied to HYIP.  This website Cointellect was indeed down yesterday for many regions of the world. However it is up and running now, although some regions still cannot access it. Although this is normal with any website, sometime it’s up sometime it’s down, due to various reasons from DNS, to ISP issue.

I tried not to be a bias and jump into conclusion, but use word such as “I think” “I speculate” with reasonable doubt. I uses this methods for years and my prediction always correct in the end. Take as example, I predicted it was a scam since the beginning, same with IPUServices, and Coinbeez, all scam using the same methods exist with direct HYIP ponzi scheme scam. Except with took a step further to make it realistic so they can last it longer, same thing with Cointellect. website has been down offline since last night for many people

First I would like to say that there is a person in Facebook that have a dozen Cointellect facebook fanpage, his name nickname on Facebook is Cointellect, probably among the first that joined Cointellect and probably made some good earning by now. This person has been promoting Cointellect, some speculated that this person might have some tied to Cointellect staff or its operation. Some think this person just like a member that promote Cointellect to get big commission, we don’t know. However what we do know is Cointellect is falling apart, not paying and making up reasons for not paying and manipulate members new and old to give them more money.

Now back to Cointellect website. has not been loading correctly, it’s loading then crashed, then timed out, then eventually no longer accessible. This is the same method Coingeneration was using before it went totally scam. It is one of the many method that these type of ponzi scheme are doing to prevent being exposed to scam, instead finding ways to make it realistic in order to keep the members continue to have faith and continue to invest. However what really happening is, this is the last stage or phase where Cointellect will prepare for an exit plan. This and many others ponzi scam scheme like it will always uses its last resources methods to get as much money as possible before disappearing, and off course they’re going to denied it just like Coingeneration.

Here are some facts about Cointellect that defined them as ponzi scheme scam.

  1. Program start out paying consistently, but only for several to few months.
  2. No known hash speed would indicate from Cointellect, so Mining Pool probably don’t even exist, just within their domain, not contributing to the whole network, manipulated for fake earning.
  3. Mining Contract profit similar to Coingeneration layout of profit.
  4. Taking advantage of Holiday to prevent withdrawal by charging 20% fees temporary, LIED. The 20% fees continue on for Saturday and 30% fees on Sunday. Now the fees are everyday.
  5. Dogecoin instant payout announced, LIED. Didn’t last for 4 hours then no longer going through, all Payout pending. This is even with the 20% fees still not going through.
  6. Members are reporting Paypal never went thru, for 2 to 3 weeks.
  7. Cryptopay stopped working, then re-enabled for higher tier investors to withdraw, LIED. Cryptopay still did not work.
  8. Bitcoin Expo 2015, sponsor as Mining, this is just a gimmick as last ditch effort to get more investors, keeping the members having faith to invest. It’s not hard to get on the list of any sponsor, often time the Expo don’t even question the credibility of the sponsorship or identity.
  9. Cointellect Mining Pool issue? LIED. The Cointellect Mining Pool was manipulated so that members cannot earn much money. In fact the Cointellect Mining Pool don’t even exist on global network hash rate. Unknown maybe? don’t think so.
  10. Now the website is offline, and it might be off and on, just to prevent members from clicking on request payout earning and so on.
  11. Cointellect have more tricks under their sleeves coming soon just to get more money from people. Either they’re trying to get back what was indeed real loss, or simply get more money to their pocket before running away.

Cointellect manipulating members to purchase big mining contract

Based on other blogs and forums, including reddit, people are voicing their opinion on Cointellect business practice mostly negatives.

After reviewing all those comments, there are 90% negatives, a staggering increased from several months ago which was 90% positive feedback in regard to Cointellect. I strongly believe that Cointellect is struggling, and yes Bitcoin does have an impact to their operations, although clearly many people already knew Cointellect not being transparent on what exactly they’re trying to do, it’s an obvious Ponzi Scam scheme that did 2013-2014, didn’t last 3 months, then same thing happen like Cointellect today.

What Cointellect trying to do today is to get more investors by manipulating members new and old to invest more. For example, if you purchased Mining Contract 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, chances are you will not get paid and Cointellect. Cointellect will say that only 6 months Mining Contract or higher will get paid. With that being said, people with greater than 6 months contract are not getting paid either. Cointellect just want the the new members and members that don’t invest to start investing.

Apparently it’s a ponzi scam scheme that required new investors or continuous flow of money coming in to pay for the existing investors. When the money stop, problems such as what we’ve already seen from Cointellect start to grow, more issues, making up stories, new strategies, taking advantage of real life issues to delay payout or not paying at all.

I urge people that purchased Cointellect Mining Contract via credit card to contact their bank as soon as possible to file dispute against Cointellect, get your money back before it’s too late to open a dispute. For those that invested with Bitcoin, you’re out of luck, no one can help you, not even FBI POLICE or anyone.

Who behind Cointellect operation?

Thanks to an anonymous tips, people are saying here’s one of the person behind Cointellect. Facebook page

Just in case in the future when Cointellect totally revealed itself as fraud, you have something to go with to bring them to justice. Although as of today 5 days no payout of Dogecoin even though Cointellect announced instant Dogecoin was back last week, but it didn’t even last a day, then now totally frozen, no news, no payout, just messages to people like me posting their pictures and threaten me to the police if I don’t take the picture down.

It’s sad to see people are continuing to fall for scam like this. People never learn I guess. With cointellect, now you have some pictures to reference with people tied Cointellect operation, you got their name, hopefully it’s real, you got their pictures, and their connection with Bitcoin Expo 2015 along with Cointelegraph staff. Honestly I think that cointelegraph guy could have done better job, asking more precise question and instead of scripted interview, why not live audio or video record, it’s the future, we have cell phone camera audio and so on, why not do the interview there? Maybe that cointelegraph guy have some connection with Cointellect? did cointellect gave him a big mining contract? keep on speculating folks 🙂

[Not Paying] Cointellect not paying any Dogecoins for over 4 days +

No Dogecoin paying being made for over four days, going for day 4 and counting, over four days, members of Cointellect are reporting of not getting paid. Earnings payout requests are all in pending status “Wait for Executed” message. Not so sure if people invested in the thousands get paid via CryptoPay.

The end of Cointellect is near, just like, the sad thing about this is that many folks whom got scammed before and willing to risk it and got scammed again. I’ve seen people invested in the thousands of dollars for Mining Contract, got about half of their ROI back, then problems. Many of the people invested with a once way funding, such as Bitcoin, Egopay, Perfect Money, and so on, these are one way funding, no such thing as dispute or refund, your money is gone.

For many of you lucky people that uses Credit Card whom just realized you got scammed, there might be still time for you to contact your Credit Card company or bank immediately, as soon as possible and report of the fraud. Dispute the amount, get it refund it back to your account, at least get your money back. Sometime the bank allow up to 60 days for dispute, but often time only 45 days max. If you dispute large amount, chances are it will take long time to get refund. Do this as soon as possible.

With over 4 days of backlog payout, I don’t see how can Cointellect can perform the payout in full. Just like they did the same thing as Cointellect are doing today. If you don’t know about you can search on the web, you will see it’s same concept as Cointellect are doing today, but this Cointellect actually showing pictures of the people whom may be involved with the program, four people showing up in picture at the Bitcoin Expo 2015.

Cointellect Payout backlog are piling up no way can it pay members in full

It has been 3 days and counting Cointellect has not been making payout. Except maybe the cryptopay high investors, not sure if that’s true or went thru actually. For sure none of the Cointellect members whether you’re mining or purchased contract, you’re not getting paid. Payments of earning are in Cointellect Wait for Executed status for 3 days and counting.

With this enormous backlog, there is no way Cointellect can make payout to everyone in full. The backlog will keeps on piling up higher and higher, the payout will be pennies if any. This is so much like operations.

Highly recommend people whom invested or purchased contract using Credit Card to start filing dispute against Cointellect to at least your investment back, however if you’re this, chances are you will get your money back, but more than likely your account with Cointellect will get suspended, your IP address, name, phone #, email address, everything tied to you all account will get suspended. Well the good news is you will get your money back 🙂 the bad news will be if Cointellect still alive for longer time then you will missed out on the earning. However chances are a fallout will happen very soon with Cointellect.

No way the amount of backlog payout Cointellect can be executed anytime soon, it is money laundering if it does. People should have seen this coming as I’ve already mention same business concept as with cointellect.