Do not invite to riches to your party instead invite the poor

Yesterday Sunday’s church mass, the priest read something that sat in mind for a while now  , if you throw a party and invited all the rich people, chances are they will give you richness gifts and they will soon invites you to their party and you must give back the same richness gifts; so instead of invite rich people, why not invites the poor and give them a warm welcome good food and fun time making them feel happy and chances are they will remember you for the rest of their lives, something like that I think, if I remember back correctly   

Are the kids eating their lunch meal fine in school?

I’ve seen many complaint or comments from parents for 2013-2014 school years about their kids coming home hungry due to not finish eating their meal in school.

4 days in a row Bella came home from school and very hungry! She is complaining about ” the food in the school’s cafeteria is nasty.” Thanks to Obama food program, a lot of kids will toss the whole tray into the trash can!

Then a respond that make sense from one parents.

I’ve gone to help during lunch time everyday of this week and true, The food probably doesn’t taste great given its often overcooked (little burnt) but majority of the kids I helped through the lunch line refused to get a vegetable & a fruit and when I asked why, they say they don’t like to eat fruits or vegetable. So they end up only eating the main dish & sometime they don’t even finish that. So I can see why they would be hungry by the time they come home. Also, there’s not a lot of time to eat so when the kids talks a lot at lunch time, they often don’t finish lunch on time. It’s sad to dump trays with 1/2 the food still on it in the trash. But there’s just not enough staff & volunteers to keep telling the kids to eat up & less talking.

People are creating facebook account for their children? does this seem right?

People are creating an account for their children? does this seem right? – this could be one of the biggest mistake a parents could make. I’m talking about children younger than the age of 13 or even teenager, creating them a facebook account? – Personally, I have two children, both daughters, in 3rd grade is the oldest and youngest Kindergarten. I never have the intention to create for them a social network account such as facebook, twitter and stuff, even though I’m a total computer geek, I spent all my free time online as you can see now, I’m blogging crap LOL.

bad parenting creating facebook account for a child

bad parenting creating facebook account for a child

There are numerous reasons why a child should not have an account on facebook, let’s not talk here, but you can google it. And – yes, you can google for reason for a child to have a facebook account. It’s bad that a child creates his/her own facebook account without parents consent but worse when a parent creates an account for the child, bad practice! Many people trust facebook for whatever reasons, they think it’s secure and controlled, that’s a big wrong assumption. Facebook makes money through you, you work for facebook and you get paid nothing! nada! not even a penny! you post and post and updates, sometime hours per day, the more you visit facebook the more facebook make, don you understand that? SO? you might ask – you think facebook is great giving you like a diary to enter what you want to say, and sometime showoff your stuff trying to impress others, ok ahead and do it, hope you don’t get in trouble later in the future LOL.

So what’s my problem? why I blog this? For all ages, doesn’t matter kids or adult, you can share your status and make money out of it without using facebook. You can make money instead of having facebook make money off of you. The answer is to get a free blog such as blogspot google blog and so on, the blog that allow you to put google adsense and sponsorship advertisements. You can even rent a web host and domain. $10 a year domain, $12 web hosting. You can make this amount of money in a short period of time if you’re a type of person that blog or share post every day on facebook. My recommendation is if you don’t want to leave facebook, but still want to make money at the same time then use wordpress blog, add plugin to update facebook when you update your blog. So when you update your  blog, your blog will update facebook as well, and it goes both ways.

Bottom line! highly recommend to not! not! not! create a facebook account for your child, bad idea! bad parenting!
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Cutco pyramid scam please prevent your workers from knocking on our door

Really? I was feeding my 3 years old daughter and a knock on the door, someone trying to present us Cutco products, by now people know Cutco selling knives set through multi-level marketing strategies, so call ponzi pyramids scheme scam, yes it exist and they still operate, incredible isn’t it, but door to door? you kidding me?

Anyhow, I guess I’m not the only person would be talking about this or blogging or tweeting for that matter, would you “Cutco” company some how get the message to your worker or whoever related to your company to stop selling door to door, I thought your method was word of mouth, you don’t go door to door, rather you’re selling it through word of mouth recommendation referrals one person to another like a pyramid scam that you’ve been doing. Sheesh! ruin my after noon. The person was nice and everything but I hate to have that guilt feeling after slamming the door on him saying we’re not interested and it’s not the first time we’ve come across this “Cutco” thingie!.

How about an eye glass that is adjustable to any focal or size or level clarification?

This is an awesome technology or idea or whoever came up with. I wouldn’t say it’s break through technology, or if will win any fashionable contents on eye wear lol. Although it doesn’t look so fashionable, in fact look strangely weird LOL, well that’s what most new technology or gadgets look like anyways, it’s a prototype for developers to redesign it, and I wouldn’t be surprise if it will get transition to something more attractive and fashionable in the next few years or so, without loosing it’s ability to adjust the focal or size … furthermore I think developer will improve it.

Anyhow, how this work is that, you wear it just like any eye glass, there’s a dial for size, and there’s a dial for clarification focal, basically one size fit all.

an eyeglass that fits all size and focal adjustment how about automatic focal adjustment and size?

an eyeglass that fits all size and focal adjustment how about automatic focal adjustment and size?

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Make money with a few computers running and the internet

This question has been around for a very long time and never really seems to have a direct answer. Well? there isn’t a direct answer, and it depend on a person. For me, the answer is YES. Yes you can make money with a few computers running with the internet. I’ve been researching for almost a year now, and I can tell you YES absolutely you can make money. I have a few friends working hard, getting promotion at the company where they work, they also work as side job going around fixing and building stuff such as handy man, sure, they’re hard worker and they deserve big money. But, what about people like me, spending all their free time on the internet in front of the computer. Can I make as much money as them?, off course absolutely yes. So what have I been doing succeeding so far? here a few in no particular order.

  1. Web design – it’s alright, off and on, seasonal, no coding knowledge required since there are so many software out there, click and drag to create website no need to program coding blah blah.
  2. Google adsense – pretty good, need a content website, blog about something, even micro blog such as twitter. You already spending a tons of time on facebook and other social media, why not blog it on your own blog making money rather than posting on facebook making facebook making money and they don’t even share you a penny and some service they will be charging soon. Furthermore, one day you will get in trouble easily using facebook, since you share everything that you do, where you’re at and so on.
  3. Bitcoin mining, my favorite, BTC rise and fall but stable at 100s look like, need a powerful GPU computer though, although might be better to mine Litecoin with GPU for now, and invest the money to buy Bitcoin ASIC miner. You can mine other crypto currencies, not just Bitcoin and Litecoin, then exchange for USD
  4. The latest is also known as Digital generation, it still new, and many people are getting onboard and hoping they continue to operate for the next few months, because the return investment over a period of time such as 1 year (12 months) are pretty high. They also have referrals 20% 1st level and 10% 2nd level. Good makign money opportunity, required you to have a computer running 24/7
  5. With a computer running 24 hours a day you can also try out gomezpeer and others, the new one will be coming out is CPUUsage, might be similar to gomezpeer and coingeneration. These you would need a computer running 24 / 7, some of them you can running multiple computers that have multiple IPs on the internet for unique identification to double your money making opportunity.
  6. Ebay,it work great!, just buy in bulk or buy cheap and sell high. Or you can buy rebates stuff and then re-sell it on ebay, making money off of rebates and get good rating feedback from ebay buyers. Once you have good ebay feedback rating account, you can sell almost anything on ebay with people look at your items first.
  7. the list goes on, these are all I want to share for now, stay tuned … LOL So as you can see, don’t be lazy, you can make money too being in front of the computer, from home, from anywhere in the world, work at anytime, be home with your loves one such as for your great grand parents or young kids.

New Catholic Pope is Argentina’s Bergoglio becomes Pope Francis

Just in case you missed this, and I doubt that anyone would missed this. But, anyhow your new pope is New Catholic Pope is Argentina’s Bergoglio becomes Pope Francis

Pope Francis March 13th 2013

Pope Francis March 13th 2013


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