Perk TV will banned you for using address location not matching with your IP location

Apparently it is true that Perk TV flag each account for defects, the more defects you have the chances of your rewards get cancelled or account banned. Defects such as watching the same video on multiple videos, you know you can’t be watching all five devices at the same time can you? isn’t call cheating or taking advantage to get more points?

Every so often or once in a while, Perk TV will also do an audit system check such as checking your address location versus your IP location, and if the location of your devices address don’t match then your reward cancelled and eventually banned if you cannot provide Government issued ID.

Perk does a lot of flagging and auditing. If any defects for sure your account will be in trouble.

Upgrade your Android Perk TV app otherwise you will not earn points for videos played

Always upgrade to the latest version of Perk TV android. At least the 2nd to latest version, otherwise you will not earn points, let alone App may not work correctly, although some people think otherwise. Some say that after they upgraded the Perk TV app, they lost points, phone kept on crashing or too slow. If that’s the case, you can stick with the 2nd to latest app, because normally latest version have bugs.

I’ve been doing perk tv for sometime, and one thing I can you are:

  1. Perk TV app very intrusive, they have access basically to your phone for almost everything, where you’re at, what’s your phone identity, and so on and so forth.
  2. The points you earned are getting reduced frequently, from 10 to 7 to 5 to 3 now to 1-3 but normally 1 now a day as of May 2015
  3. Some videos freeze and it’s not phone’s fault, rather Perk TV server perhaps or maybe your ISP latency problem with Perk server
  4. Reboot your phone once a while
  5. Last but not least, once you Perk TV on that phone, chances are your phone quality reliability will get reduced, so highly recommend not to run Perk if you love and use your phone daily for your daily business.

As of May 2015, with 5 phones, and frequent check to touch on “yes” you’re still watching, you will be earning maybe $10 a week$40 or $40 a month, gas money or beer money indeed. No, you should not use multiple static IP because Perk TV App can detect and ding you for it. Multiple ISP yes, should be ok. Block of static IP provided by your ISP is under the same gateway, Perk TV app can detect it. Your typical gateway router would say, but block of static IP is under the same gateway IP or something like that.

Bitcoin and Dogecoin Wallet stolen by hackers through teamviewer

OK here’s an update. I just got a chance to take a look at the last computer that hacker got into via teamview. I checked the log, and there wasn’t a Teamviewer ID, so for sure the hacker was able to hack my master account password to teamviewer. Then uses the teamview account login name password to get into all the computer listed in my account in a flash.

The teamviewer log from the last computer hacker got into indicated that there was no other teamviewer ID than my master ID that got in. So apparently the hacker somehow was able to get a hold of my teamview master account. I have all my Teamview program uninstalled and probably will reinstall it for now, unless I feel the need for it and probably will take extra precaution, meaning strong password and do not ever use unattended login session, and once done, always exit out of Teamviewer.

At the moment, what I’m doing is retrieve all my dogecoin wallet and send it to one dogecoin account, and perhaps to cryptsy since I have a verified account with cryptsy, then convert it to BTC once all moved to there. Once I converted to BTC, I will move it to my local computer and back it up to a DVD ROM, USB, and an encrypted online storage, off course multiple encryption secure. Once done, I will delete it off the local computer. Then once Bitcoin up in the 1000s I can retrieve it back, it’s a good idea to check up your backup once in a while like monthly just to be sure it’s still good.

Stay tuned, I will have more update on this adventure of life after getting Teamviewer account hacked.




My teamviewer account got hacked

Just late last night, about 1AM Eastern Time USA (Pennsylvania), as I walked down the stair way at home. I noticed the media computer in the living started blinking. I came closer and took a look. Someone is controlling it through team viewer. The person whom controlling it opened my %appdata% folder and also opened a zip file of multidoge and multibit, these are Bitcoin wallets. Now I know it’s not just a regular hacker, but a hacker aim to find cyptocurrencies wallet to hack. I immediately ended the team viewer session on that computer and scrambled to shut down all teamviewer on my network home computers. All teamviewer sessions ended. I did not get a chance to check for the hacker’s teamviewer or ID or if that’s the way I got hacked, or could be he got my  teamviewer account login email / password.

My first concert was for my Bitcoin wallet. I went ahead and recovered the back, and sent all the Bitcoin to a new wallet. Backed up and encrypted my new wallet again.

Then second concern is all my login name password online account could be compromised. So I changed all account password to all the frequent websites that I go to daily.

It go so late, I think I got all the necessary data backed up, and jumped to bed like 30 minutes later, I though I would be up all night, but I didn’t it was pretty quick. I didn’t think much about it since I got my bitcoin backed up, and slept through til 730am and now up, continuing to check all my computers, will surely change all password, and thinking of encrypting my whole hard drive. Stay tuned, will have more update.

Teamviewer account session got hacked bitcoin dogecoin stolen attempted

Teamviewer account session got hacked bitcoin dogecoin stolen attempted

Don’t sell your products to Ebay buyers that gave other sellers negative feedback

Another thing I learned from Ebay is stay away from selling your merchandise to Ebay buyers that left negative feedback to other sellers, especially feedback that have seller responded. Those Ebay buyers that left negative feedback to sellers and sellers responded, are the Ebay buyers that most likely will get you negative feedback also if your items are used and may have defects that you’re not aware or even if you described clearly, still the EBay Buyer still have the power to give you negative feedback and nothing you can do make them remove.

Rarely any EBay buyers would remove their negative feedback toward you even if you sent replacement, refunded them and begging on your knees, it will be a waste of time, but you can try. So stay away from Ebay buyers that left negative feedback to other sellers that responded to the negative feedback.

Don’t get me wrong, there are bad sellers out there, but if the seller responded to the Buyer’s feedback as follow up and the buyer ignore the message, those are the one I’m talking about. If the seller don’t respond to the negative feedback then most likely there is an issue there with the seller.

A very quick way to check the Ebay buyer seller account for negative feedback to others Ebay seller is simple. Simply click on the Buyer name or feedback #, then click on the tab where it said “Feedback Left for others” you will find negative feedback in red there. The thing about negative feedback left for others is it doesn’t count toward your feedback overall % percentage. You can leave 175 negative feedback with 1 positive feedback, and still get 100% overall feedback rating because negative feedback you left for other ebay don’t count toward your overall rating. Sadly, EBay sellers cannot leave negative feedback to buyers ever, either you don’t give feedback or if you give feedback then it’s automatically positive, and if you left positive feedback and said something like “buyer is fraud” most likely your feedback will get removed if the buyer saw it and report to ebay.

do not sell to ebay buyer that left negative feedback to others

do not sell to ebay buyer that left negative feedback to others

How to fix not earning credits points from Bing Rewards?

Short answer: Ensure you have your Bing Rewards account handy, both Bing and Live/Outlook email etc. Now on the browser clear all caches, emptied all history and so on, basically cleared everything. Then close your browser, log back into Bing Rewards again and start searching, you should see earnings. If it still doesn’t work, you might be flagged for violating term of services and soon your account may get cancelled, but please email Bing Reward support, don’t take my word for it.

So the reason I blog this is because I encountered the same problem. I used Bing search engine frequently and I noticed one day I no longer earned any points or credits, was worried. Then I tried to do research online to see if anyone encountered same problem, and indeed there were many, but the majority of the people are cheaters, they searched with bots like pogo-bots and bingpong bots.

For me, I used real search, and still encountered same problem, and the fix was to logout and log back into Bing rewards, if that don’t work then clear all history and caches from your browsers then log back into Bing again.

So many good news on Bitcoin but still BTC price sucks!

The good news with Bitcoin is that, the news in regard to Bitcoin are mostly good news. So why Bitcoin price still sucks? – Well if we look at it one way or another, let say the “bubble” expecting $1000 – no, that was the bubble. The bubble has been over many months years maybe. Now Bitcoin price stable at $200-$300, and it’s not going anywhere fast. However people can still make money for day trading, it’s not as much volatile as before but still have kick once in a while.

A few days ago, BTC was at $220, then next couple days it shoot up to almost $240 then now dropped back to $230. It was the news, there were so many good news. There also bad news, but there are more good news than bad news.

Good news is – many big investing firms, corporation are putting out big money as much as $50 million dollars into Bitcoin at a time.

Bad news is – Bitcoins are still being used as fraud scam, such as locking encrypting websites belong to companies and even local enforcement forcing them to pay in Bitcoin to get it unlocked, and sadly it work ransom was paid and it got unlocked.

If we look back at the early internet days, the same happened. Scammer or Fraudster would using online chat room and email to rob people or even commit crime such as murder, serial killer, craigslist killer and so on. So Bitcoin is no different, there will negative and positive, as long as the positive is greater than positive I think we’re fine.

I still believe that Bitcoin will be bigger the .com or internet days when it hit mainstream. Today if you ask people around you, you will notice that only 1% of the people you ask would know what Bitcoin is, sometime even 0%, try it.