1 person got paid from Cointellect?

I received a message earlier today from one of my fan lol 🙂 Well thanks again anonymous person. This user of Cointellect said that he got paid from cointellect despite many other people reported not getting paid.

I think this is possible, maybe Cointellect are doing payout to specific group of members users. Just like how Coingeneration was doing it. Cointellect probably doing selective payout to group of users or members that they know will likely to purchase Mining Contract after payout goes through. For people that already made profit and doesn’t look like ever reinvest Cointellect will probably no longer paying to this group of people. What cointellect doing is to target members that they know will likely to reinvest or invest more. Off course also to those members that have high quality referrals will most likely to get paid.