Cointelegraph interview Cointellect “we have never reneged on payments”

Cointelegraph interviewed Cointellect, based on an articled published on CT website. There are couple of questions that the community wanted to know: What happened to Cointellect Mining Pool, it’s up down, disconnected, all kind of problems mining, why is this question not being asked by CT?. The other question is Payout, which CT had asked and answered below. To me, and to be honest, I’m not going to lied, it’s bullshit respond. English is my second language and so I don’t know much vocabulary or wording that I’ve never come across, in this case Cointellect answered we never “reneged”, to me it’s a big word.

“Reneged” is “Fail to fulfill a promise or obligation” So Cointellect is saying they never failed to deliver payout? This is not totally true, Cointellect did admit to delay and other payout issues, but the delay reason doesn’t makes much sense. In addition to the fees in which Cointelegraph failed to question Cointellect, did CT even did thorough research before interviewing Cointellect? The fees of 20% has been ongoing, on top of the 20% fees there are payout backlog pending for days and weeks, and eventually all got cancelled and returned back to the balance, then members attempt to payout withdrawal again, and again pending for days, and with Paypal weeks cancelled suspended, with Cryptopay it’s limited to certain account. So Cointellect never failed to make payout huh? so if Cointellect continue to have issues with payout, they can say they never failed, just issue they cannot control for days, weeks and possibly months now?

Cointellect Mining Pool, Cointelegraph didn’t ask specific question to the pool operation. Cointelegraph really need to step up their research, there a lot more main keys issues that they need to focus on questioning Cointellect failed to do so. Cointellect Mining Pool hasn’t been working for a long long time, always problems disconnecting, not responding and so on and so forth, this started to happen when Bitcoin price dropped, isn’t that a coincident?

CT: You have received a lot of criticism late last year for reneging on payouts. How have you addressed (resolved) these issues?


HR: We first want to clarify that we have never reneged on payments. There were just some issues with delayed transactions due to the long holiday period where the volume of requests was more than we ever anticipated. Dogecoin is our primary method of withdrawal, with Paypal and Cryptopay as supplementary methods. As such, we have limits on these two methods that were unfortunately very quickly surpassed, which then resulted into unavoidable backlog. Please note that this is our first time to experience the holiday volume, but we will take the necessary steps to prevent the same situation in the years to come.

There is one comment responding to Cointelegraph articled that I find interesting. This person appears to know the organization behind Cointellect operation. • 8 hours ago
When Cointellect goes down We WILL say we told you so. There is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER of any genuine mining by these People. Try getting an Interview with Mr A.A.P. the Cyprus CEO and real owner of this entire outfit.