earnings for miners now skyrocketed again!

Based on blogs and forums, members of now are saying their earning now skyrocketed. So for about over a period of 24 hours their earning dropped from 1.50EUR to 0.15EUR yesterday, however today their earning is back up again. This doesn’t makes much sense, however for most members of, all they care is about earnings is back, they rich in dogecoins again.

Strange indeed, but bottom line earning is back. No one really knows what happen, various answers responses from support and reaction of members are various, variety of reasons, and speculations also 50/50 negatives and positives. could be a dream for all miners, instead of mining on other pools, why not switch to cointellect pools? the earning is extremely more profitable than others, but the only problem is “why” but “why ask why?” if you profit more at than other pools, the important thing is you mine, and you get paid daily. As many people put it that way.

Just be careful, rule of thumbs! don’t put your money in one basket, instead spread it.