Cointellect earning for miners decreased and some are not available in balance for withdrawal payout

Many cointellect members reported last night earning was not available in the balance for withdrawal or payout. Look like members also posted this message on facebook on cointellect official facebook fan page, but cointellect support did not respond on facebook page. Instead many saying some of their posts on facebook got deleted, and new post by cointellect asking the members whom had problems to contact support cointellect email instead.

It appears that cointellect support email is fast, but it is getting slower, 24-48hours now, instead of almost within an hour at the beginning. Support wasn’t too professional in responding. More often than not, it appears that sometime support email respond with aggressive tone, threaten or point finger at the member’s fault for causing the issue. I guess that’s what happen they get too many members to deal with. In the beginning there wasn’t much members, as more and more members are joining, more and more issues, and as a result support not able to keep up and began suspending banning accounts due to Term of Service violation. Wait! Term of service? TOS

Yes, Term of Service, TOS, are being changes by cointellect overnight, basically cointellect can change term of service anytime they want to. For example at the beginning, members can creates multiple accounts, and mine to make money, then all of a sudden term of service changed, no more multiple account. Then no more VPS, then no more renting miner or at least limit rent to 10mh/s. Then eventually if members login or mining from different IP or IP address that had been used before on another account, or IP were on blocked list such as those proxy IP, even elite IP, all got banned sooner or later. That is cointellect term of service (TOS), it can change overnight fast, without prior notification or giving the members community to have a chance to fix or react. At this rate, the term of service can change to “now we will take your money and run away you cannot do anything about it” 🙂 ok it’s a joke! but it could happen if cointellect keep on changing its TOS overnight without consulting the members communities, its investors, customers are what driving them profitable, but NO! cointellect didn’t, they just change their rules and policies anytime they want and to anything they want, and sadly again, members will not see what the changes coming their way until it’s too late, your $99 $299 $1000 investment can disappear especially if you paid via cryptopaid or bitcoin no way getting it back. You could however get it back if you use credit card up to 45 days to file fraud case to your bank financial institution.