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Cointellect released two news in a roll, one after another. Just want to say that anyone trying to use VPS Proxy to mine, most if not all will eventually get caught and your account will get suspended, blocked, banned, or simply get error message saying you’re suspicious and will not get paid.

The two news published on refer to issue with cryptopay and allow ASIC renters to rent hash rate and mine on cointellect, but a minimum of 10mh/s point at otherwise it will not work.

The biggest issue with cointellect are: Members with legitimate miner mined with GPU and earning but somehow their account got reset with 0.0001 earning, turns out because they logged in elsewhere different IP to check their account withdraw earning got caught as cheating due to two different IP logged in and mined. Another problem is when members use the same Dogecoin address to withdraw earning for multiple legitimate account, for instant mined at house 1, and mined at house 2 friends or relatives, but withdrawal to the same dogecoin address got caught flagged as cheating and result in account reset to 0.0001 or simply blocked from earning mining.

Watch out! cointellect changes rules or making news rules as they go along. It is possible that one day they will say, no more paying because of issue trying to rectified or got hacked. However it is also possible that they will only survive another 3 months or so. Lastly, they could be in for long ride depend on profitability.

Published at Nov 25, 2014 1:39:59 AM
Greetings Miners,

Some users have been experiencing minor glitches when withdrawing via Cryptopay. We have since addressed most of these issues and users should now be able to withdraw normally. Users will need to register an account with Cryptopay before they can withdraw. This can be done either directly from your CoIntellect dashboard or through the Cryptopay website. Once registered, simply input your Cryptopay e-mail address and the withdrawal will be processed as usual.

We have also discovered a bug which allowed users to withdraw twice their balance in Dogecoin. Users who have done this will notice a negative balance as our internal auditing system adjusted their balances to match the duplicate withdrawal.

It should also be noted that our development team has removed limitations on ASIC devices. High hash rate users will now earn more; however, hash rate renters will need to use a minimum of 10 Mh/s and must consolidate their hash under a single account. Distributing the hash rate between multiple accounts will result in an earnings limitation. Miners will also be happy to know that an updated version of CoinMiner will be released soon with improved support for Nvidia and Radeon graphics cards.

Our international services team has also rolled out additional support for the following languages: Arabic, Greek, Eesti, Dutch, and Turkish.

As always, feel free to contact support if you have any additional questions or concerns

CoIntellect Staff