Cointellect lifted the verification requirement for new users?

I’m seeing a few forums and chat room people reported that they no longer see the requirements for verification for there account. Now is just some members not all. I’m guessing members of cointellect voice been heard? could it be? we don’t know for sure. Let see what happen in the next few days.

Negativity voice very loud! when there’s problem, people voice very loud basically. Hopefully indeed cointellect heard and taken appropriate action, a better solution than just changing the rule in mid air without proper communication. The old 10EUR verification probably still active. I must also say that 10EUR limit before verification was not communicated either, it was a surprise for most if not all users when they hit that 10EUR. It won’t be the only surprise for cointellect members.

As you can see, I’m not a bias, I just report the truth, based on my analysis, what I see and heard and off course testing it myself. Again! I’m not a bias, I speaks of observation and find facts when and if I can. I’m not on anyone side. You show honesty, I will see it, and will speaks about your honesty.

Stay tuned! more to come I’m sure. Just be careful, we’re dealing with virtual online business that are not regulated in any way.