Cointellect “make very serious efforts to improve and protect our platform from anomalous accounts”

This probably is a generic respond to all questions regard to earnings that got confiscated, stolen, reduced, reset, … whatever you call it. Indeed it did happen, and people speculation were correction about activities.

Hello, thanks for choosing CoIntellect, your primary cloud hashing service.

As Cointellect grows exponentially every day, we have to make very serious efforts to improve and protect our platform from anomalous accounts and users trying to take advantage of our profitable earnings system. The first step was a system-wide sweep of all accounts, and automatically blocking those that are detected to have some discrepancies and violations of our rules.

The next phase is making sure that all existing accounts abide by the rules. Your live balance received solo mining earnings of €0.00001 or close to it on Oct 29 because it was detected by the system to be one of multiple accounts using the same IP, or using a VPS and/or proxy IP, or your email has not yet been confirmed.

Users who fall under these categories all received this similar amount, and you will most likely continue to receive the same amount after each system update every day until you rectify the situation from your end and fix your account accordingly.

So we strongly suggest that you maintain only one account and direct all your computers and miners to that one account per IP address. IP conflicts can also be a result of renting power from third party mining rig rentals, so please refrain from doing that. You should also immediately discontinue mining with a VPS if you are using one. And lastly, make sure that your email is confirmed by our system. Please note that confirmation links are only valid for 48 hours. If you need a new confirmation link, simply visit the “My Profile” page and submit another request. And remember to check your Inbox, Trash and Spam folders for the verification link as some email servers send it there by mistake.

Once your account completely falls within our regulations, you will start receiving your normal earnings again. We apologize for any confusion caused, but we hope you understand that these are necessary steps to ensure that Cointellect continues to be a great platform that all users can profit from for the long term. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.