Cointellect Mining Pool continue to have issues Not Responding Disconnected

This is no longer a surprise to anyone whom mine at Cointellect Mining Pool. Although no one really know what’s going on with Cointellect Mining Pool. Cointellect Minig Pool said they’re a multipool. When they first started the earning was incredible, the speed and reliability were awesome. However today, and many months back, Cointellect Mining Pool hasn’t been in sync with their slogon “Mining Done Right”, in fact many think they¬†should change it to “Mining Done Wrong”

Cointellect Mining Pool has problems off and on and sometimes for days. If miners don’t pay attention for few hours, few days, those are the days that the members mining at Cointellect Mining Pool will not earn anything because your miner got disconnected from Cointellect Mining Pool.

Cointellect Mining Pool issues has been ongoing for for over a month. The most famous error message is “not responding” “waiting for work” “Rejected” “interrupted” … and most of the time your miner will just sit timed out and totally disconnected from mining, and your earned dropped to zero and if you don’t restart it, you earn nothing for those time.

So what’s going on? No one really know. What we know is the Cointellect Mining pool exist, but the earning was manipulated, you’ll making a lot more mining at Cointellect than any other Multipools for scypts. However it appears that when Cointellect need to limit earning from members, they would manually interrupted the Minig Pool so members can earn less or nothing at all for that duration of down time. Then Cointellect will publish messages they’re aware of the issue and will continue to fix it, but they mentioned that the contract mining is not affected, this is another way of asking the members to buy contract mining pool instead of mining it themselves. In other word, invest in this HYIP, since other HYIP is straight forward which most likely will fall apart quick, but cointellect can live longer and more investors with the strategies they have today.