Cointellect Mining Pool for CPU GPU Asic miners back to normal?

Short answer: YES, but not 100%, still have a lot of rejected shares, but are better than the last three weeks.

According to other blogs and forums I’ve read and Cointellect current members I’ve chat with, it appears that Cointellect Mining Pool is working better than three weeks ago, although there are a few rejected shares, let see how long Cointellect Mining Pool uptime this time. Hopefully the rejected shares weren’t done on purpose to discourage mining using your own computers GPU and ASIC, as stated, Cointellect want you to invest buying mining contract, not mining with your own equipment.

The thing I don’t get about Cointellect mining pool is, how is it different from mining with contract? Isn’t it from the same data center? Why members mining using their own equipment always have problems, while contract mining don’t have problem? isn’t clear that Cointellect causing the issue on purpose?