Cointellect no longer support ASIC Scrypt mining

Beware folks, Cointellect still pretty much alive, with many suspicious activities in changing it rules overnight and has many game plan for old and new users. Bottom line, very sketchy, obviously it’s been a scam just like Playing game and manipulating the members, cointellect is in control, not the members.

A few users now reported that even reporting cointellect to bank as fraud, but having many difficulties in getting their refund back, in fact so far no evidence that anyone was able to get their refund back or charge back from bank as of now, look like cointellect bank are fighting with the dispute submitted by the users. Cointellect using its Terms of Service (TOS) against dispute against them. Look like many members will not be able to get refund.


Dogecoin Payments Update

Published at Feb 18, 2015 5:01:55 PM
Good Day Miners,

We have some exciting news to share with you all regarding our recent progress with withdrawal requests. We will be enabling Dogecoin withdrawals for all users; however, there will be some imposed limits. While we have yet to determine the limits, all users can expect to be able to withdraw funds at some point today.

Our recent decision was made largely in response to the overwhelming feedback we have been receiving from our members. It should be noted that our mining performance is not yet high enough to fulfill the complete withdrawal of every user. Regardless, we feel this decision is a step in the right direction and hope it will help quell some of the community’s concerns regarding our solvency. Any imposed limits will be increased over the coming weeks.

Regarding any customer support tickets, we do ask our users to remain cognisant of the fact that our support team currently has a large backlog of inquiries. While we are doing our best to respond to all tickets in a timely manners, some tickets may not be answered as promptly as they should be.

Furthermore, we are temporarily disabling ASIC support while we address an issue with certain users abusing our platform. We expect to bring back ASIC support shortly.

As always, feel free to contact support if you have any additional questions or concerns

CoIntellect Staff