Fallout of Cointellect predicted by shibes communities

Needless to say, what I’ve blog before in regard to Cointellect. It appears that all over the internet that talks about Cointellect, now mostly negatives comments. One item I picked up is the Fallout article at reddit by Shibes communities. Basically Cointellect failure, but not too many people know. Some people were making good dogecoin for a couple months now when Cointellect first came out, however as it appears to be more transparent of like coingeneration, people are loosing faith. Cointellect isn’t doing much to fix payout problems and Mining Pool problems. It appears that Cointellect focussed on more on getting new investors than paying existing investors and miners.

When this Cointellect Fallout happens, people whom just got into Dogecoin will loose faith and probably never look back at Cryptocurrencies again, these are the new folks just got into Dogecoin Bitcoin. This will also make Shibes look very bad! it will be similar to the MtGOX situation. People invested in Cointellect Mining Contract are in the hundreds thousand dollars and perhaps even more, we don’t know at this point, only Cointellect have that number and probably they will never give that number out.

For people that invested to Cointellect Mining Contract, if no payout being make in full by next week, Credit Card purchased should contact their bank immediately and report the failure to provide goods and services to get your money back. People that invested using cryptocoins, your money Bitcoin is gone, nothing you can do about it. We don’t know who Cointellect people are, the pictures taken at Bitcoin Expo claimed to be Cointellect staff four people, we don’t really know them. Bitcoin Expo know them? I don’t think so either.

Bottom line, when this Cointellect Fallout happens, Shibes will look very bad! people will loose faith, negatives impact to Shibes Dogecoin value, and the whole cryptocoins communities in general. People are asking Cointellect to please fix the problem with payout and Mining Pool, otherwise this Fallout will happen very soon.