How many cointellect related websites are there going to be littering the internet?

I came across a few comments about cointellect are in trouble, but the detail were not credible, so I will continue to analyze and do some investigative work.

At the moment, those facebook page that tied to cointellect once again not clearly credible as official cointellect business. A couple example:

Facebook page¬†JoinCointellect, someone told me it’s official cointellect website. Well, today I saw some post in that page and found out the person whom created the site indicated he or she just a webmaster design. So the question is does that person work for Cointellect? What is the purpose of having that facebook site¬†JoinCointellect ? to me it’s just littering the internet with Cointellect, blackhat method to hide legitimate comments about cointellect.

The second facebook page tied to¬†Cointellect.Mining.Pool. The person whom created this site indicated he’s just an affiliate, at first people thought he’s a Cointellect staff, apparently not. Just another person trying to get people into Cointellect to get referrals commission.

When people visit one Cointellect social media site such as facebook, eventually that facebook site refer to another facebook site, and that new facebook site eventually refer to another cointellect facebook page. We don’t really know which facebook Cointellect is official. The only official page appears to be on domain.

Now back to a few issues, problems that cointellect have:

  • CryptoPay, it’s been one week not fix yet, what really is happening? Well today news published on one of the Cointellect facebook affiliate site indicating they’re still working on it. Sounds like isn’t it?
  • Dogecoin instant payout still working? – don’t know, it was working for 2 days last week, will find out tonight when people start requesting payout. Chances are people will not see instant payout, it will stay in pending again, and the reason Cointellect will say “due to high volume request” blah blah. Will see if this is true. Yes exactly what did.
  • Credit card purchase doesn’t appear to be working, or if it did, then just a few card types are accepted. Cointellect accept purchase through credit card will probably go away very soon. Eventually will be simply just cryptocoins investment, Bitcoin Dogecoin etc. which is not traceable, big risk of loosing it all just like cryptodouble that ran away with everyone’s investment last week and nothing anyone can do about it.