[Problem Payout] Will Cointellect be able to make payout today?

According to many cointellect facebook page, including the official cointellect facebook page, people that tried to withdraw earning accepting the 30% fee still not able to withdraw any dogecoin, it went to pending just like last week.

The question remain, will Cointellect able to payout such large amount today. For many regions at the moment it’s Monday, and should be able to withdrawal earning without the 30% fee, but as many already confirmed, even with the 30% fee withdrawal of earning from cointellect didn’t process, it went into pending status for over 12 hours for many members as of now, so it’s not instant.

Cryptopay still does not work, and it’s been one week and counting. Cointellect posted the news about cryptopay will have it fix 2-3 days but it’s been one week and counting still not fixing the cryptopay payout option yet. Saying it’s an API problem, took this long to fix kind of strange, I wonder if anyone tried to contact Cryptopay yet to see if it was indeed API problem with Cointellect.

Paypal withdrawal got cancelled as many already have known, and if you requested through Paypal again, maybe it will say minimum 100EUR now instead of 50EUR min. So it went from 10EUR, to 50EUR, now to 100EUR? is the minimum withdrawal for paypal? Reason cointellect stated volume transaction quota exceeded.

Many members expressed their concern about Cointellect payout now, so many problems. If these payout problems continue, then the members of Cointellect would most likely point toward scam activities similar to Coingeneration.com On top of that Cointellect Mining Pool still have small issues with connecting problems, but for sure it was a lot better than a couple to few weeks ago.

Many members of Cointellect expressed hopes and the same time worries grows concern over the drop in Bitcoin value price at below $200 will impact cointellect. If indeed Cointellect invest in Bitcoin, if the value of Bitcoin dropped, don’t Cointellect get impacted? Just like CEX.io had to shut down it mining data center. Well ok, let not give Cointellect ideas on taking advantage of this reason and halt all payout to members, this would be sad and problem the end of the program…