4myrebate.com is cheating people bad business watch out people especially rebate for MSI products

Updated 1/31/2013: ¬†I received an email from MSI 4myrebate.com indicated that my rebate now been accepted, I can still see reject, and then accepted. However they did not say it’s their mistake, it was just a generic email saying that they accepted my rebate as follow:

From: 4myrebatemsi
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2013
Subject: RE: Re: Rebate Status for Claim

Thanks for your email.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and as such, we will respond to your email, answering any and all questions within the next 2 business days excluding weekends.
Your rebate has been approved as of 1/30/2013. It takes 8-10 weeks from the date of approval for the rebate payment to be issued and sent out.

Additional assistance please contact customer service number 1-877-552-3988.Please have tracking number readily available before contacting an agent.



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As always for all rebates, ensure you have copies and ensure you filed based on directions provided. I normally don’t have a problem with¬†4myrebate.com, but it just this time, it just annoyed me and I’m not sure if they’re going to look into my email complain send to them just now.

What happened was, a rebate for MSI code MSI-12228 for a MSI video card $30, offer starts 1/17 to 1/24 year 2013. I mailed the invoice upc bar code and electronic tracking on 1/21 and they received it on 1/28, and today is 1/30 they sent me an email saying mine request for rebate was declined because below reason. They are fraudulent, how can it be outside time limit? Big scammer 4myrebate.com


MSI 4myrebate.com is a fraud declined my rebate request wrongly and will not respond to my phone call or email totally ignored my request

MSI 4myrebate.com is a fraud declined my rebate request wrongly and will not respond to my phone call or email totally ignored my request

From: MSI Computer Customer Service <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Subject: Rebate Status for Claim #

Dear ,

Your Rebate was not approved for the following reason(s)

– Postmark date is outside offer’s time limit

Our decision to not approve your rebate claim was based upon examination of the documents that we received from you.
If you wish to view all documentation you may simply click on this link

However, the rebates sponsoring manufacture/reseller has authorized us to offer you one additional opportunity to resubmit for this rebate claim.
There is only one exception to resubmitting, and that is, if your rebate claim was denied due to being outside of the allowable time frame, then
unfortunately you are not eligible to resubmitt.

For those of you that are eligible to resubmitt, kindly follow the following steps:

1 – Kindly click on to resubmit.
2 – Once you complete Step #1, simply reprint and sign your rebate application from the Rebate Status page by clicking on the link that reads “Print Your Rebate”.
3 – Include any missing documentation and/or information that we have listed above as the reason(s) for your claim being denied.
4 – Send your printed rebate along with all required documentation to the PO Box address indicated on the rebate application. For your convenience the rebate application contains a mailing label with the preprinted address.
5 – In order for your claim to be re-considered, you must to resubmit within 30 days from the date that your original rebate application was declined.
6 – For all customer service inquiries, please call:877-552-3988 Mon. – Fri. 9-6 pm (EST) or send an email to: [email protected]


E-mail Address:
Rebate Tracking Number:
Rebate Offer: MSI-12228
Rebate Item : MSI GeForce GTX 550 Ti Video Card
Rebate Item UPC number(s) : 816909083484
Rebate Award: $30.00
Service level Basic: $0.00
Final Award: $30.00

Thank you for using msi.4myrebate.com!