A high school dropout invents a device that lets you surf the web with no ads

Are you getting annoyed by advertisements versus real contents on the internet, don’t you wish all the contents site would look similar to wikipedia where there isn’t any advertisements? Facebook has ads in fact that’s how they make money, same with google.com, yahoo.com, even ebay although ebay already make money by charging people’s fees and they earned extra through advertisements on their page. Sometime it’s helpful, but most of the time, it’s irritating annoying. Especially if you search for hacked cracked software or movies to download, you would come websites that has a tons of advertisements asking you to click here and there, and the next you know was instead of letting you downloading a movie or some software but you downloaded a virus and now your computer is not usable, or you’ve been asked to pay certain amount of money to get your computer fix from the virus you downloaded. All of us hate that I’m sure.

Well guess what? the title said it all “A high school dropout invents a device that lets you surf the web with no ads” Imagine now you just plug in that device through usb port or something like that and you’re not on the internet advertisement disappeared you will no longer see spam advertisement on facebook google.com and so on, WOW facebook and google should be afraid! revenue will fall if this device being mass produce and everyone got one. This is not new, there are many working software out already can do this without a hardware device, if this hardware can do better then it will be big!