A wake up call for all HYIP investors after the shut down and runaway of after90days.org

For all you invested in HYIP, think twice before even put in that $100 and I’m talking about just $100 or less, those of you who puts in thousands or higher must be gambling or have free money to spend. Look at after90days.org, a great website, very active support always online to answer question, very good legitimate plans, but look closer, one of the plan required you to spend at least $1,500 where you would get 300% back, now that’s fraud indication there, ponzi scheme, it’s not realistic, they’re just tricking you to buy in smaller one first, then once you feel comfortable, you will spend that $1,500 that is when they will take off with your money, as already proven with after90days.org, and nothing you can do about it, you cannot dispute your money, it’s totally lost. Some people might be able to recover from services that do that. Some people with SolidTrustPay might be able to ask STP for help. Other than that it’s gone.

So this is HYIP, their game is to get you into trusting them, and you start to invest more and more and more, and then they feel they enough money to retire, they goes offline and that’s it, not much you can do. Forget about registered companies, after90days.org is registered FAKE probably, it has addresses and phone# but gone just like that. The domain is private, address and phone# all virtual also, anyone can get one, all FAKE. So play it safe. If you invest in HYIP, you know the risk, don’t cried about it, don’t kill yourself, maybe you can hire the Russian mafia to do the dirty job for you if you invested that much of money or feel that angry toward HYIP such as after90days.org