All We Need is MORES BAD NEWS on Bitcoin

Bummer! if the price of Bitcoin isn’t doing well enough, now it’s software/apps for Bitcoin not doing so well. Latest news:

“resulted in one specific address being generated multiple times, leading to a loss of funds for a handful of users.”

Blockchain advises users who fear they were affected to update their app, create a new bitcoin address, and transfer their funds out of the affected wallet.

I’m glad that I didn’t use Block chain as my Bitcoin wallet.

This is what I’ve been afraid of for a very long time. People told me that Bitcoin wallet are unlimited, it is impossible to have duplicate wallet address, but apparently not totally true, as today we’ve confirmed that multiple wallets with same address generated, meaning your bitcoin could be in someone else’s wallet or pocket, if they found out about it, for sure they will transfer those coins out and you can say good bye to all your bitcoin in that wallet. No, not possible to trace whom had the same Bitcoin wallet address as you.

The price of Bitcoin continue to tumble after this news confirmed and released. We might see Bitcoin down to 100s in the next several weeks. Result from loosing faith and not confident in Bitcoin secure your Bitcoin properly.