Are you ready for “Man-in-the-middle attack” computer hackers

More and more corporation are being targeted with this “Man-in-the-middle attack”. Folks whom work remotely connecting via internet anywhere or via ISP to their company network through method like VPN tunneling can get impacted.

Working remotely, from home, or also known as telecommute is nice. Most likely the person would need to connect their company network. The way to do it is through an existing internet connections, such as the one from your ISP or where ever you are like Star Bucks, Fast Food restaurant, airport, friends house etc. You cannot connect to your company network unless you have similar method like VPN tunneling which will connect you to your company LAN. So call Virtual Private Network. The connection established with just you and your company network on that VPN

Working remotely from home telecommute you're being hacked and didn't even know

Working remotely from home telecommute you’re being hacked and didn’t even know

Over the past several weeks, this “Man-in-the-middle attack” has been growing and targeting people whom work remotely. Although the company should have higher security to fix this problem but it’s also the users or clients to watch out of unusual activities to their connections.

So who said working from home is nice and fun? ERR not really, there are lots of things to watch out for. Fun I don’t think so, more fun at work place. Nice? maybe because you get to work with your leg on the sofa table, or on your short or pajamas, but it’s not all that nice when you don’t have internet, or when your computer is dead, or power goes out, let alone being hacked by this “Man-in-the-middle attack”