BFL Bitcoin mining machine don’t work well with Gomezpeer program running

Just a caution or a warning to BFL Bitcoin miners. An FYI rather, I have ran into an issue where my BFL 50 GH/s all of a sudden dropped from 50 GH/s to ~20GH/s for the past 2-3 days or more. I was worried and so I did some research online and did various test. I found out that there was a java program running in the back ground that taken 90% of the cpu resource usage. This java program although does not mention gomezpeer software but it is confirmed. So I turned off gomezpeer application and the BFL 50 GH/s miner now mined over 50 GH/s for a few hours now.

Conclusion: I’m not saying gomezpeer purposely causing the issue, or trying to steal some GH/s Bitcoin from your computer hashing power, but it was indeed a conflict between the two software. In this case Gomezpeer had a couple java program running in the background which uses a lot of cpu power and somehow causing one of the BFL equipment connected via USB using bfgminer or maybe other miners also, causing the mining speed to decrease. The speed decreased confirmed within bfgminer and the pool, BTCGuild to be specific. After gomezpeer program turned off, confirmed by task manager, the mining speed goes back to normal. Gomezpeer is still good to use, just that you might want to install it on a different computer, it will make you like few dollars a month using your computer unused processors power CPU.