[bigger issue not paying] coingeneration.com faces bigger issue than expected

This is just based on chat room information and tied out to many searches result in regard to coingeneration.com operations. SCAM everywhere no doubt. On top of that, honest members aren’t getting paid, only hackers and robots or bots or scripts kiddies hacking got paid through hacking methods, red hat, black hat, indirect methods, software methods, applications methods through API, hacking of payment processors and so on there hackers got paid and honest members invest hard earning money and get nothing out, all taken away by hackers of coingeneration.com

Members in the chat room are watching closely, and analyzing the payments status, although it’s all read as indicated in the Gateway Status but apparently lots of repeated members are getting paid, how? at the same time every hours? partial real members and mostly bots? or mostly bots, pre-configured to fool members? could be, hard to say.

The bottom line, it is indeed true that there are hackers out there getting through coingeneration.com hacking its payout system to get paid, hacking to get free threads. However the hacking for free threads are fake, tricking, fooling people to download, but they will never be able to download it, they will have to go through endless surveys which steal their identity, installing virus on their computers, make money for the hackers by doing the survey, how stupid many people already done this, feel sorry for them, but I have to say you’re stupid! sorry. Please admit that mistake and try not to repeat it.

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