Bing Rewards is on the look for multiple accounts by one person

Off course Bing Rewards and many other similar rewards programs are on the look out for multiple accounts people. However lately Bing Rewards has been working on different methods to detect cheaters, these are the folks that created multiple accounts either through VPN, Proxies, and even Static IP from ISP providers. Eventually all these folks will get reward cancelled or not being sent, waiting for Bing Rewards support to look into.

Rewards program such as Bing Reward are famous because there isn’t much you need to do beside searching for stuff on the internet, search similar to but you get paid if you search on versus google you get nothing, in fact sometime a bunch of advertisement pops up on versus Bing don’t have too many of that and Bing rewards you points which turns into Gift Cards such as Amazon and those can be sold to convert into cash about 70% cash value if you can sell it, and legitimate buyer purchased it 🙂

So bottom line, if you get banned from Bing Rewards don’t be surprise. However if you’re a legitimate users then don’t worry, Bing will continue to rewards you, and if your account got suspended you can contact Support they will get it un-suspended for you if you’re a legitimate user, 1 account per person, 5 accounts for 5 people in one household on 5 computers. Don’t try to cheat now, eventually you will get caught it will hurt 🙂

Also be careful using bots to do searches, Bing Rewards are working on methods to detect those also, and will flag you for fraud eventually get suspended.

Honesty is the best policy!