Bitcoin BTC level of difficulty is 31,256,960.7278 previously at 26mil

I wonder if anyone still mine Bitcoin BTC with GPU? it’s a joke, you must be retarded! if you still mine BTC Bitcoin with a GPU LOL. OK so maybe you get free electricity. Even the cheapest 5 cent per kilowatts electricity will not be able to make you any profit at all even if BTC value is back to $100. So please! do your math and stop mining with GPU. USB Eruptor, you’re loosing money as well because you spent at least $300 a piece a couple months ago and it will take at least 5-6 months to get back your money based on previous calculation, now it would probably take you 1 year to get back your money.

Best solution is to sell your GPU, and then just wait for your ASIC to ship, and probably get the money you have after selling your GPU and order a high performance KNCMiner to mine in the future, it will get you some profit. So again! don’t waste your time and power mining Bitcoin BTC with a GPU. You could try Litecoin, but by now  a tons of people switch over to mining Litecoin as well, so the level of difficulty will rise as well LOL.