Blame it on the CRM software or the people using the software?

So I have a friend currently working for one of the top computer manufacturer in Oklahoma call center, I believe the computer company based in Texas head quarters, and no it’s not IBM, yes it’s start with letter D 🙂

So the call center, helpdesk to be exact, have problems, many problems as other companies, hired people to do the job but they don’t have the background to do so, but by using certain CRM programs to assist the tech to figure our problems to resolve problems. I was confused when talking to him, I don’t know the exact issue, but I narrowed it down to problem with employees taking the call and assisting the end users to fix the problem, some take 5 mins, some take 1 hour. Ok those are normal, and off course always rooms for improvement.

I think that the company narrow down the problem if it’s software related scripts or tech experience? Most of the time is the experience of the tech, that’s why we have level 1 level 2 senior and so on tech to help, and it also depend on the situation if it’s something level 1 level tech support can assist. So these basically come down to training issue if you ask me, it’s not a software issue, it’s more of getting proper training, yeah sure you can add additional software to help trouble shoot, but proper training should be on the todo list. Sure you can reduce call time, but by doing that you might decrease the quality of support, you’re rushing through fixing things, and that’s bad! quality should always be #1.

Now another thing he mention, that I want to bring up is, the software they’re using for the call enter, for instant it have a field that should be a required fields  but other departments don’t want it a required fields, and so they have problem. I think this is lame, it’s a simple fix, the logic I can think right off top of my head is to for dept 1 make it a required field, if department 2 loggin the ticket then make it not required field. So simple, but don’t want to implement was their response. Procastinate like kids.

CRM software how does it work

CRM software how does it work

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