Butterfly Lab BFL released updated FAQ

By now everyone know Butterfly Lab BFL lied lied lied, broken promised after broken promised, 3 weeks to 3 months, to 1 year and still have not shipped all of it’s back order yet although they say they’re producing and shipping. Not good business because they think they’re the only one that can manufacture or produce Bitcoin BTC, well guess what. There’s one new one that came out with a lot more power and better delivery date ETA September and looks promising more than BFL at least, they are KNCMiner. Anyone with Butterfly Lab BFL back order on Jalapeno, Single, or any ASIC hardware that cannot mine at least 100GH/s should cancel their order now and go to KNCMiner and order the equipment from them. As if you have back order on Jalapeno 5GH/s or 25-30 or 60gh/s, that’s not going to do much and who knows when BFL ship your orders, better to cancel it and jump over to KNCMiner, however please do your homework don’t take my word for it, but what I know for sure and facts are: BFL said will ship all backup order by August if September, this is totally false as what they promised 3 weeks, then 3 months then a year barely ship anything, but they began to be a little more honest as more ASIC or Bitcoin mining hardware being manufactured they began to be a little bit more honest on their estimate. The fact also is Bitcoin mining difficulty level increased rapidly as more and more people getting more ASIC and when KNCMiner hit the market in September the difficulty level will probably quad triple to what is today 26mil. Which mean if you have GPU, USB Eruptor, ASIC Blade, ASIC Jalapeno, ASIC Single, little Single, Avalon, those that cannot produce at least 60 to 100 GH/s you’re not making much money, the electricity will surely cost more than you can make with mining BTC, in addition the BTC price has been falling to double digit cannot bare reach 100 USD.

BFL Shipping & Customer Service
July 18, 2013

Shipping questions and answers

Dear customer,

As you know, all three product lines have entered into large-scale production and many of you have received your orders. With BFL products appearing in the wild at this rate, many customers are eager to know when their particular order will arrive as well. With this in mind, we thought it might be helpful to answer some of the most common questions here in our newsletter update.

Q: When is my order going to ship?
A: Orders are being shipped in the order of the date they were purchased. You can see the purchase dates being served every day on Jody’s Customer Service blog.

Q: What’s the status of my order?
A: You can check the status of your order by logging in to your account dashboard. If your order is marked “processing”, then that means your order is paid. If it’s marked “production”, it’s on the assembly floor, and if it’s marked “fulfilled”, it’s in a box headed your way.

Q: Has my order shipped already?
A: When your order ships, you will be notified by email which will include tracking information – tracking information is included no matter which shipping option you choose.

Q: Why are the Jalapeno purchase dates moving so fast while the Single purchase dates go slower?
A: We started shipping Jalapenos earlier and have already gotten through the initial large-volume order days. So even though lots of singles are going out every day, their served order date isn’t moving as fast. Now that we’re nearing the end of that initial surge of orders, the dates will begin to progress very quickly as we catch up to today.

Q: Can I have my Single shipped to me without a PSU included?
A: Yes. Our Singles are designed with PCIe power cable inputs, like those you’d find on a modern desktop computer GPU. You can use your preferred ATX PSU, but we recommend a minimum of 300watts deliverable by the PSU for every Single connected to it. Note that many ATX PSU’s won’t provide power unless they detect that they’re connected to a motherboard, so for those you can get a power supply tester to get the PSU to power your Single when it’s connected.

Q: What about my order I just placed; how long will I have to wait?
A: Daily production capacity will continue to increase until we have caught up with all back orders sometime in late September.

Q: Why does it take so long to answer all the emails I keep sending to you?
A: Although we have built up a customer service staff of ten dedicated agents, our capacity is humbled every time our product cycle enters a phase of intense customer interest such as when a new product is announced or when we start shipping. This puts a lot of strain on our ability to respond. Even worse, some customers become frustrated by the delay, so they write more e-mails, but this only increases the load.

Q: But is it normal to wait more than a week to receive a response by email? Can I call you?
A: Yes. While we do our best to respond to your emails quickly, it may take over a week to respond right now. We welcome phone calls, too.