Digital Generation making money with your computer running all day all night

I’m not sure if many people heard of or so call Digital Generation that pay you to leave your computer running all day all night, however it’s not all free money, it appears that you get 1 month free money worth about $30, then you would have to pay, buying a “thread”, one “thread” cost $50 per year, and you can earn $1 a day with 1 “thread”, so the $50 you spent would balanced out in less than two months then after that it’s all pure profit.

Before you jump into this, take a look at similar concept such as Gomez Peer which is now dead, their payment sucks $1 a month and they’re using your computer to mine bitcoin but they’re legit, so does Cash Gopher and Rublik, they’re all legit but pay out sucks and use a tons if not all of your system resource to mine bitcoin mostly and similar task.

As for, they don’t really disclose specifically what they’re doing with your computer, but they do mention they use it for various purpose, one person even ask the admin they said they’re doing [email protected], I don’t believe that’s all what they’re doing, if anything all all. It could be just a a dummy software running connecting to a central server somewhere populating some # for fun, the intend is to get as many people onboard and then by a couple months before September 2014 they will shut down the operation and run away with your money. Why before September 2014, because that’s when their domain expire.

Another possible speculation of what or Digital Generation are doing is the software you installed is java base which doesn’t store run off from your local computer so you wouldn’t be able to find out what it’s doing, nor any antivirus can detect any malwares and so on, it’s just a software just sitting there, a time bomb embed in your computer waiting to explode, meaning – it cal be call remotely to do ddos attack or hack when needed, at that time too late for your computer antivirus software to find out and stop it.

Again, this is just my point of view, speculation. Don’t take it too seriously, but do your homework before paying money to get bigger money, if they have that much money to pay us, then why don’t they just get a data center with a tons of computers to do the cracking, why paying us? oh I get it, because of our locations in the world! wow! alright then, Good luck y’all. 🙂