server tied to Bitcoin Blockchain?

I found something interesting that I would like to share. Some of you might have already know this, or know more than I do. Basically, based on previous and recently up and down of website, I was curious enough to find out what’s up.

First I did an NSLOOKUP commend of, and nslookup return with ip# which belong to a company name Cloud Communications, LLC

Then I did a google search on that IP # and found a few interesting result. This IP # indeed tied to, but it also tied to Bitcoin activities and especially to Bitcoin process. transaction relayed by this IP address, but this could have just be payments or selling via Bitcoin processed on this IP or something similar, but could also processing Bitcoin through this server IP that uses.

This i# also tied to a site that no longer exist which is Bitcoin Roulette almost seems like gambling site.

Anyhow I found it interesting. If indeed related to Bitcoin, then it’s kind of safer than not knowing what exactly coingeneration Threads Manager installed on people’s computer are doing.

Another thing to keep in mind also is, if BTC Bitcoin related activities where take the money to buy low price Bitcoin such as CampbX and sell it on mtGOX could be an issue. The issue is mtGOX have problem with wire transfer or ACH to US dollars or also other part of the world. As many already reported since June 2013 to today October, mtGOX have not deliver any of the payment to the bank, so something is going on at mtGOX, almost four months no one confirmed getting money from mtGOX after selling their Bitcoin. When asked, mtGOX responded they’re running into difficulty and backlog processing large amount of request, this is just plain make up reason or exaggeration.