updates Sad or “Great day for DG!”?

Another misleading news. To neutralize the sad news, coingeneration uses its methods of misleading communications by saying stating the good news first while it cannot commit to what it said on its previous updates that all users all pending payments all blocked account will get resolved in a few days. But – guess what? again it didn’t happened. They no longer mention anything about blocked account. They did however mention funding have problems due to e-wallets, this is where it gets misleading since we dont’ really know the exact detail of the problems but can only trust them telling the truth, and indeed this is their intelligent came in and fool us all since we wouldn’t know what sort of problem.

On the other hand, their news of European bank seems great news! although for many it doesn’t really help. In addition they use terms that would make everyone happy and feel confident to invest more further by saying “It’s our guarantee to you that all payouts will be completed immediately once we arrange our EgoPay and Paxum funding” But does anyone know when if ever? or will their be more misleading news and reason for unsuccessful tasks completed?

Overall, many people still have hopes, great hopes! If we search on the internet google search for coingeneration, we would see there are 50 and 50 percent people believing in the program will get fix and result back to normal. However there are also 50 percent don’t believe so based on what they see, heard and experience, it doesn’t add up. And then there are a few already filed complaint with the

Great day for DG!
We have been approved today by a European bank to facilitate credit card payments in EUR and USD.

Our tech dept is currently making changes to the payment gateway and we should have MasterCard payments working by Friday 4th.

We are adjusting financial cash flows to balance the funds required for payouts and unfortunately still do experience some issues having our e-wallets funded on timely basis.

It’s our guarantee to you that all payouts will be completed immediately once we arrange our EgoPay and Paxum funding. We would like to bring you your attention the fact that we have all funding available on our HSBC account and are arranging the payment with their compliance dept as it’s at 1st transfer to take place to an offshore account of exchanger.