Cointellect is not paying its members since last night January 5th 2015

According the many forums, blogs and social media. Many Cointellect members are confirming that they have not received earning payments since last night January 5th 2015.

Cointellect no longer pay its members for earning withdrawal whether earnings from cointellect pool mining, or from cointellect contract mining. Cointellect members reported of this problem since last night January 5th 2015.

When members sent messages to support cointellect, there wasn’t any immediate respond nor any announcement posted on its official website, other than the known new rule implemented a while ago just today clarified 30% fees requirement for < 10EUR. The < 10EUR 30% many members already know it’s a way of manipulating the members forcing them to buy a contract. Only by buying a contract the members would get verified or verified with a credit card is super risky and only multiple level credit card processing accepted.

The transparency of cointellect business showing more of like any other HYIP (high yield investment program) out there in the past as I’ve mentioned multiple times, just like ipuservices and many others. These business claimed to be legitimate by taking advantage of certain technologies and paying its members consistently until one day they have no more investors, and therefore no more fund to pay its members, or when the operator seen appropriate to withdraw and run away.