Cointellect latest news and development

I haven’t written much about Cointellect, and today I circled back to the chat room and various forums and blogs, including facebook social media to see what’s going on at

Turns out Cointellect is still running, and members that purchased contract during the month of January 2015 appears to get paid via Cryptopay. For those that purchased contract before January, you’re not getting paid at all, your funds held.

For those mining without buy contract, your earning will accumulate, you will not be able to withdraw, you can only use it to buy contract when you have enough money, a minimum of 99EUR. If you mine with a CPU or GPU most likely it will take you a very long time to get to 99EUR to buy the contract.

Basically only newer members that join and purchased contract will get paid. Old contract appears to be voided. A lot of people are loosing money, but appears that Cointellect willing to give refund on the different ROI, so let say you invest $100, but you only get paid $90, Cointellect said will give you $10 refund. Whatever money you have made doesn’t look like you will ever paid, you need to contact cointellect to get refund on the ROI, all old contracts voided. Only contract purchased begin of Jan still valid.

Swisscard? I haven’t seen any confirmation that people are getting the swisscard, except for that one picture indicate the person received the swiss card, but suspicious because receipt posted before Cointellect announcement swisscard, so something wrong there, could be another lie from cointellect.

The new contract appears to be have less earning than what the max said. So the 99EUR supposed to have max of 1.10EUR a day, but people are reporting a lot less, sometime half. Instead of 1.10EUR people are reporting 0.70 to 0.90 EUR the most they’re getting, not the 1.10EUR.

As I said before, transparencies are important, look like Cointellect have transparencies now, but I’m not sure if it’s enough to keep them from being called a ponzi scheme scam. The did lied in the past or at least they don’t really know what they’re doing.