Combine Date and Time columns into one Using Brio Intelligence

This is my first post on SQL related contents. I have to be using an old program call Brio Intelligence. Although it’s old but still very useful, it’s like a GUI of MSSQL Management Studio, but a lot better. I must say that I’m GUI person, never really done real sql hand code 🙂

OK so how to combine Date and Time columns into one column in Brio Intelligence. This is similar to using MS Excel to combine cell 1 to cell 2 = date and time (cell 1 = date, cell 2 = time).

In Brio Intelligence. Query level.

    1. Click on Add Computed Item
    2. *** I just found a quicker way, simply + the two columns, change data type to date, then at the result change the data type to date time again with the time and that’s it 🙂
    3. Under Definition, type in these.
      Combined = CAST(Document_Entry_Date AS DATETIME) + CAST(Document_Entry_Time AS DATETIME)Set your Data type = Date
    4. Run the query result, then change the combined column Number to Date Category with format mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss or whatever you prefer.

Voila! now you have date and time properly defined for calculation.