Datapilot $20 rebate is a scam fraud hoax don’t trust their products

Updated 3/9/2013: It’s been another week since my last email to [email protected] and guess what? no respond. Phone call no answer no help. What kind of company is this? It’s been 8 months since I submitted the original rebate. Let me be clear that, this is not about $20, it’s about getting company such as this susteen Datapilot to be honest about their products and services. Horrible terrible services, and I’m not the only one talking about it. It doesn’t seems like they care what other people are saying about their company, they don’t care about their customer’s email to them, totally ignore my email, and I’m not spamming them and I know they received it because I use receipts confirmation. They totally ignored my email and phone message. The last email I sent was a week ago, and yesterday I send a plain email with my contact information and asking for the rebate status to [email protected], by the way their [email protected] no longer work, I believe they deleted that email since probably too many people sending complain email about their rebate. Terrible service! I would not recommend Datapilot or Susteen something company, totally terrible services.


Updated 3/4/2013: today I still have not receive a respond yet, so I went ahead and emailed [email protected] generic email, it appears to go through, but whether they will respond or not I still don’t know, probably they will forward it to the same person I’ve been dealing with Pheng Seang. Just to be clear! this is not about $20, it’s about getting a company providing goods and services deliver what they promise! and apparently Datapilot Susteen have not! I challenge them to prove it to me that they provide good services, so far I have not seen it.

Many users are experiencing the same problem with Datapilot rebate susteen. Look like the company lie about rebate, it’s their scheme of making money selling their products fast and will make all kind of excuses not giving you your rebate.


So it’s been 8 months since I mailed the initial rebate, and later follow up with them and I re-sent the rebate, and follow up once a month, and their respond was they will send the rebate, they mailed the rebate and guess what? I never got it, and I asked them few weeks ago and they totally ignored my email.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one that have problem, in forum many other people have the same problem and the email provided [email protected] has been deactivated or was forward to some internal department person name Pheng.

Pheng Seang
Customer Service Representative
Susteen, Inc.
8001 Irvine Center Drive 1500
Irvine, CA 92618-3003
[email protected]

Initially this person was very nice answering email, but as I learned later he/she just responded without checking the actual status of my rebate. Their respond was basically we’re preparing the rebate gift card, we have send it out last week, we have send it out last week again and again, then after that just silent. Total silent for almost a month already.

This is very bad business, I don’t know who else to contact, so on Monday I will call their office if there’s a # that I can call, or other email. This is terrible! Datapilot promise something that they didn’t deliver, in this case it’s a $20 rebate, if they cannot fulfill this what else can they not fulfill, watch out for their products and services, I can no longer trust Datapilot Susteen products as they did not deliver what they promise.

datapilot susteen hoax fake scam fraud $20 rebate lie on their email responding to customer

datapilot susteen hoax fake scam fraud $20 rebate lie on their email responding to customer