Ebay and Paypal account compromised hacked and being used to purchase digital items such as Bitcoins BTC and game code

Just encountered a problem I would like to share.

A buyer purchased a Game Code Voucher, I listed as will provide the code and send the voucher in the mail as well.
I scanned the voucher and ebay message buyer hours later after the purchase. I also shipped it via USPS first class mail.
The next day, I got a case opened against my paypal account saying, Unauthorized Claim.
I immediately provided all the information I have which includes, ebay email message, and tracking # USPS. Also mentioned that I contacted the buyer but never got a respond over 24hours.
Yesterday payment was reversed refunded to the buyer. I was mad, so I let myself cool down a bit, then called Paypal 15 minutes ago.
Paypal told me, they refunded back to the buyer because I’m selling digital download and deliver it physically also, this violate Paypal Policy, WTF LOL ok so maybe I didn’t know that but I do now. Basically Paypal told me, I should not be selling digital download? if I’m selling a voucher code then I should ship them physically, do not scan and send the a digital file voucher to the buyer. Now I know.
Anyhow, I was mad and still mad as hell with this buyer, clearly he/she whoever doing this took advantage of Paypal policy and got his/her money back and got free item from me. I already called Game Voucher company up and they told it’s been used/activated on that same day with a computer IP# but what the hec I’m gonna do with a computer IP LOL, hack it? well I have the recipient address j/k it’s only $40 I’m not gonna do anything stupid.
Should I quit ebay? LOL comments for fun please. Thanks

A closer look at the buyer’s ebay account, created in 2002, but last transaction occurred in 2010, then one fake purchase 99 cent look like it in May 2013 just to re-activate the account look like it.

It appears that the buyer’s ebay and paypal account has been compromised, the hacker probably want to buy the code because I can provide it digitally which he/she can view and that’s it F. Oh well.