EBay customer opened a case against me item not received but USPS already delivered



eBay opened a case because of an issue with an item purchased from you. We reviewed the case and have decided to issue the buyer a full refund of $18.98. The refund includes the purchase price plus original shipping. The hold on this PayPal transaction has been removed.

This case is now closed. You are not required to reimburse the buyer or eBay, and this case will not be counted in your seller performance evaluation.


OK Finally I ran into an issue selling on ebay, this time on my own account. Basically the item was delivered on November 7th, 2014 according to USPS. On November 21st 2014 the buyer created a case for item not received. I immediately contacted the buyer and provided the tracking # with delivered status. The buyer then saying again “item not received”, then I added the tracking # indicated it’s been delivered. Well guess what? Today November 26th, the buyer escalated the case to Ebay for investigation.

Let see how well Ebay will protect the seller in this case. I uses Ebay shipping tools, the tracking # and everything was automatic. USPS tracking # system showing it got delivered. It was a First Class mail envelope 10×4.

Now let get into the possible scenarios. Let be clear that I know I shipped it, and USPS confirmed that I shipped it, and delivered, so my side cleared!. Now on the customer’s side, what could happen are:

  1. The buyer is a SCAM, just want free item. However if that’s the case then why he/she couldn’t just say that the items are defective, junks, broken, not working and so on? well the answer is, there are 6 items, so I don’t think Ebay can stand on the buyer side if he/she say all 6 items are broken, it’s the same item. So the buyer simply going to use the item not received, and maybe he/she will say that item maybe delivered by USPS to wrong house etc.
  2. The buyer purchased the item, but shipped to a house confirmed address of his/her friends or relatives. His/Her friends relatives can say they never receive it.
  3. Just testing out Ebay buyer protection?

So I will keep an eye on this. At the moment, the buyer escalated the case to Ebay, I can no longer add any comments to it. It’s on Ebay hand now to make final decision whether Ebay will be on my side or the buyer’s side? I would be deeply sadden, if Ebay is on the buyer side in this case. It’s not about the money I will loose, but it’s about Ebay shady business with Seller Protection. There isn’t any protection in case, even I uses the Ebay shipping tools, still not being protected. Will keep everyone updated. Stay tuned! 🙂