Got my first negative feedback in ebay as a seller

When I saw that first negative feedback, I was a little bit frantic, but I tried to calm down a bit before looking at it closer. I’ve been doing ebay for a couple of years although my account is almost 7 years or so. I’ve never gotten any negative feedback until today.

The buyer purchased an a blue tooth headset from me, new, sealed, retail box, and I indicate 14 days return. This buyer bought it on 4/6 and delivered on 4/9, and yesterday was 5/2 almost a month later I receive a negative feedback, buyer say it didn’t work. What bother me is that the buyer did not even bother to contact for assistant, and it’s almost a month before the person gave feedback.

If ebay have these types of buyers all over, I don’t think the sellers going to make any money, and ebay isn’t going to take the negative feedback off due to user say it doesn’t work. Although if I report to ebay, ebay will not take any action, I already contacted the buyer and no respond. Not much I can do due to ebay policy and so on. So some word of advice, if you’re doing big ebay business might want to watch out for some of those buyers, maybe word your return policy differently such as will paid for return shipping if defective item, and maybe increase the the return to 30 days or so. However if you’re doing small volume business on ebay then probably not worth it to enhance your returns policy as this will probably have an effect where buyer buy and returns repeatedly.

For my case, I purchased the ebay basic store lately, thought it might ease thing like this, but apparently not. I’m thinking of dropping the basic ebay store and just go back to normal ebay account.