Hope still around the corner with IPUServices.com it’s been quiet and currently forums is down

Yes folks hope is still at the corner somewhere, although at the moment forum is down and despite the facts that many users including the ones that registered before than anyone else, let say the first 1000s, they are loosing faith based on the forums posts. However once again hope is still at the corner, un-professionalism, wrong estimate, not being nice to the members, rude behavior and so on exist, but again hope still exist. We are there to make money, not to make friends, think of it as a business, focus on how you would make money, review responds by others, check other blogs and forums to see what others are saying about IPUSservices, if there are many sign of being iffy and bad reviews then off course there’s a reason for it. But, again, still hope, although it’s almost one month behind schedule but appears that they are working on the software, they are answering forums posts, and off course they are banning users daily, they banned all types of users not just standard but also division manager, regional managers, and took all the money back, some people spent hundreds dollars over a month ago and I can understand why they want their money back, it’s pretty simple, you only have 30-45 days the most to dispute your money, after that it’s gone forever, and if indeed scam, IPUServices pocketed a lot of money to run away. But, once again, still hope! hang in there.