How to backup iphone 3g 3gs 4g 4gs 5g 5gs text messages

So you got a new cell phone, iphone 4 or 5 to be exact. Previously you have an iphone 3 or so, but there there are valuable text messages that you do not wish to delete or loss, you would like to transfer it to your new iphone. It is possible, but not standard method. Although someone did mentioned you could do this via itune. Do a full backup of your iphone 3g or previous iphone version, back up calendar, address book, contact, text messages etc. Then plug in your newer iphone and restore it. However this method doesn’t seem to work smoothly, so here are a few options to try if itune backup and restore don’t work.

What I am interested is to have access to my old iPhone SMS text messages


If you have a new iphone and your are trying to tranfer your old iphone 3GS messages to your new iphone, then you just need to 1) create a backup of your old 3gs via iTunes (this is already probably done as with each sync, iTunes would backup your iphone messages, contacts, settings, etc) and 2) restore your new iphone from the backup you created. This willow you access of your old iphone 3gs messages on your iphone.


Maybe syncing with iCloud can allow me to do that when logging in to iCloud on my computer??


iCloud does not feature sms syncing as far as I know, so this is not possible.

You could try this utility to backup your iPhone text messages to your computer. Once you have your iPhone text messages backed up, you would be able to restore them to your new phone.

how to backup and restore text messages from old iphone to new iphone

how to backup and restore text messages from old iphone to new iphone


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