How to change Dragon Bitcoin miner IP address the easy way

Short answer: Connect the network cable from your Dragon miner to your computer network port (laptop/desktop). Then go to your network settings TCP/IP and temporary change the subnet IP first prefix to the same one as the Dragon miner showing. So let say the Dragon miner showing, then change your subnet IP on the computer to … play around with it. Then go to your browser, chrome highly recommended. Then type in the Dragon miner IP# as indicated in the LCD display of the Dragon miner. You should be able to see the setup screen of your miner. Next, change the IP# to match with your network configuration IP, such as are typical home router gateway, and pick ip# for example. Then Save the network setting, wait 2 minutes, then power off the Dragon miner then power it up again. The new ip# should show up on the LCD screen display.

Hint: Highly recommend to you Chrome because you can translate Chinese to English easily one you’re online.

To make a long story short. I purchased 2 Dragon miner at very good price I think for a 1TH/s hardware, although it’s not new, used, which is fine, as long as it work. When I first received the unit, plug it in and I noticed the IP # for example, well this doesn’t match with my network IP. So I know it will not work. I searched around found solution was to open the device and flash the SD card. Well that’s a long steps, so I went into the IRC chat room and ask around. One person indicated that I can plug the network cable directly to the computer from the Dragon miner and configure the IP. It work 🙂 Thanks IRC Chat ROOM.