How to cheat Ebay and Ebay sellers to get free merchandise

I had came across so many methods for people to cheat Ebay and Ebay sellers, this is similar to cheating Amazon and many other websites online retailers out there. The method is quite simple really and it work most of the time. I am a Ebay seller and I’ve encountered situation where the buyer cheated me. It is not often the seller would cheat though, but it does happen.

The method that I’m seeing is. Scammer created ebay account with stolen identity which can be purchased online cheap or even free. Scammer would buy virtual merchandise or cheap china merchandise to get feedback. Once feedback reached to favorable dozens or so, Scammer would go on a shopping spree.

Scammer would purchase items and have it drop shipped to someone’s address, and most of the time it’s a drop ship address where the scammer sold it to someone else. The address is confirmed by Paypal and again scammer have ways to confirm the address, and most of the time the account is not Paypal verified, “Unverified”.

After the items shipped and confirmed delivered, the scammer would email the seller and saying that item is no good, broken, only partial quantity received, missing, damage, etc. then asking for refund, or replacement and so on. Many sellers would send replacement, many seller would refund, because due to the fact that the scammer ebay buyer would give negative feedback and can hurt seller’s account.

Some ebay seller report the buyer for suspicious, but the truth is, how many of those scam buyers would get ding by ebay? does ebay even look at those cases? it’s sad that most of the time if not all, Ebay/Paypal are on the buyer’s side, even with adequate evidence Ebay still side with the buyer, your evidence need to be 100% complete such as signature confirmation, products quality, and so on.

So now the buyer scammer have free items and free money to repeat the process over and over again many times, if buyer able to create 10 to 20 accounts, and play around with it daily for 10 to 20 items let say average $10 per item, that’s $100 to $200 a day easy money for the Ebay Scammer Buyer, and they’re not just doing this to Ebay but on amazon many other online retailers. Sadly, most of these activities were not from USA, the scammer just have to be using a VPN or proxies in the USA to create fake account using stolen identity.

The latest example I’ve seen, just posted on Ebay bad ebayer, buyer  “kdelmonte09” purchased an item with quantity of 2. Seller have proof that quantity of 2 were shipped due to the weight of 2 item equate to each other, quantity of 1 would be a lot less. The buyer “kdelmonte09” sent a message to the ebay seller in broken english like really fast message saying they only receive one and they ordered two. What can the seller do in this case? nothing other than either to ship one more or refund quantity of 1. This ebayer “kdelmonte09” is a good example of stolen identity was used, new account created a week old, and has feedback from merchandise purchased from china or virtual items for feedback only. The items probably shipped to someone’s address as a drop ship method that scammer profit more and another profit via refund, keep doing this 10 to 20 times a day imagine the profit the scammer can make. It’s sad that these people have no moral that the seller are trying to make a living selling to make legitimate money for their family supporting their family, but in the end got scammed by these scammers, now if there is Karma, I wouldn’t feel bad these scammers suffer the consequences or seeing their love ones suffer the consequences in life for what they done scamming people hard earning living.