How to do an ms access query search and replace a column data?

Short answer: In the query rename your column name so that it doesn’t match with your actual column name, then do a Replace([field1], “old”, “new”) for example if you have something in the column that contain “old” and you want to replace “old” with “new” word that’s how you would do it.

I ran into data consistency issue with # versus currencies that negative value or $0 value imported from excel and ms access doesn’t really work well when there are mixtures of numbers and currencies especially with $0 and blank value. In ms excel, same thing could thing could happened but easier to reformat in excel than ms access.

MS access is still useful as of today, off course SQL is better but doesn’t really give you a good presentation to visualize which tables connect to which and what kind of queries and off course ms access can be a lot faster than sql for smaller database will have lots of benefit.