How to recover wordpress blog after hacked defaced massive files in website folders

As I’m still recovering from the script kiddie hack or spam hack. I just want to share how I got my wordpress blog up back within minutes.

First if I were to find out about the hack I would have it brought it back sooner, but since I didn’t check my blog for over 1 week and it was hack during this time and I didn’t found out about it until yesterday or so, and I got it back up and running few minutes.

Assuming that your database was not hack, only your web files got hacked. The fix is simple. Just download a new wordpress installation files, don’t install it, just unzip it and upload to your web folder, assuming you already backup the hacked old web files wordpress, ensure to back it up though. Then simply change your wp-config file point it to the database or simply just copy the old wp-config to the new one. Then copy the plugins and themes from old folders to new. Then log into your wordpress admin and start re-enabling plugins and themes. Should be good to go.