has been offline since late last week

Well folks, TheBoss from forum doesn’t think forum is a good idea, now he faces many negativity about although it’s all true TheBoss doesn’t appears to accept it. Due many negativity in the forums about becoming a scam, killing time with its updates so that they money members paid cannot be disputed? that are what many members now are pointing at. Many already requested refund by creating a dispute before it’s too late, your payment processors only allow 7 to 30 to 45 days the most to dispute a payment, passed this time period it is next to impossible to dispute to get your money back. So you still have time now to dispute to your money back before it’s too late.

The forums message indicated “Forum Off for Cleanup & Maintainance….Will be Back soon” This is just misleading and not totally true, many believes the forums shut down because of all negativity posts which are all true, by members, couldn’t take it so they shut down the forum before it ruin reputation completely as it already have bad reputation from all over the forums third party forums and blogs, even on HYIP rating as SCAM.

Is there hope? Yes, but highly recommend not to pay attention to the forums, just wait for email from on when it will be up and running to earn money, if it will ever be up and running. DO NOT PAY any money to at this time, if you have paid close to 30 days ago or even recently, consider requesting a refund, yes you will probably get banned because they don’t like you requesting a refund, and possible looses all your downline, but the truth is if it’s a scam those downline don’t matter.