I just saw 10 USB Eruptor sold on ebay for $215 each free shipping

As of today, as more and more ASIC are shipped including the mini rig which can mine at an incredible speed of 500GH/s from Butterfly lap, GPU mining are dead, USB Eruptor are struggling. I myself bought USB Eruptor weeks back at about $300 per stick and cheapest was about $270, but today just now right before my eye sold for $215 free shipping a piece on ebay .

Oh well! as level difficulty increased, and the Bitcoin value isn’t moving up at all, look like it’s dead between 90-100 $ USD, and will probably stay here for a long time. My prediction 90% neutral at $90-$100, 6% chance going up again to over $200, and 4% chance it will crashed and died at $5