Ignorant on network IP so what is this IP S1 Bitmain setup don’t work

What is this IP #, it appears to be a reserved IP or at least in my case when set up my Bitcoin mining machine S1 Bitmain miner it doesn’t work.

So I have a few S1 miner that I just purchased from amazon.com and got it install one by one that is, at least I know that the IP default on these machine are the same, as So I have to setup one by one, changing the IP #. I picked the 25X IP ending. When I got to it doesn’t work.

After saving the configuration in S1 webbase interface with the static ip of, rebooted it or save it, and I cannot access it anymore, not with or the new one, and I have no idea why. Did some google search and someone indicated it’s an IP # that use for special purpose, and I don’t know the whole detail. To me this IP# is a reserved IP or maybe the range from 250 and up for the last 3 digits set of IP.

By the way I had to factory reset on the S1 to get it default back to ip# in order to reconfigure with a different IP# other than 255, and perha