In response to BFL 600gh/s KNCminer upgraded existing miner to over 550GH/s and shipping scheduled this month

In response to BFL releasing its news development on BFL 600GH/s miner, GPU look alike card, KNCMiner responded with its mentality to destroy all competitors, it’s existing 400 now upgraded speed to over 550 GH/s cost less than BFL miners and in production shipping this month. While BFL did not even shipped all their low speed speed 7GH/s Jalapeno yet, and if even people get the Jalapeno today, it would take customer several years or more or never to recover the cost of the Jalapeno, even with 30GH/s or 60GH/s if people don’t receive it today from BFL it’s basically useless a waste of money, money could have goes into savings or investments that have higher yield. Obviously BFL have problems, they don’t care about their customers, and play with them, because they don’t have competition, but now KNCminer could take BFL Butterfly Lab out of business in a heart beat! so Peolpe consider KNCminer, leave BFL as you see they’re terrible.

From: Kncminer
Sent: Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Subject: Jupiter Launch

KnCMiner newsletter August 9th 2013
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We have some very exciting news to share with you all. Over the last few days our teams have relocated to our production facility in Sweden. We have all been working very long hours to make sure everything works as planned. Back in June we started taking pre-orders for ASIC Miners and we have slowly released more details about our specifications. We have taken this approach as we never wanted to disappoint our customers, after all without our customers this would never have been possible.

So it is with great pleasure that we announce another free speed increase to all of our customers. As all of our devices operate with the same chips and boards the speed increase applies to all of our products.
Jupiter has now risen from 400 to over 550. We have a short video for you all to watch on our youtube channel.′

Full production is being ramped up in the next few hours with 3 production lines having 10 stations each dedicated to making it go as smooth as possible.
We would also like to inform you all that we still have Saturn’s and Jupiter’s available for purchase.

For more information on this please visit:

Thanks again for all of your support over the last few months and we hope to continue to under promise and over deliver.

KnCMiner Team

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