IPUServices.com beta 1.5 testers result shared good to go overall link to MQL5?

Very helpful Beta tester feedback from IPUServices.com forum. We can say this Beta 1.5 is working well be released into production for earnings, delayed long enough.

I just want to share my observance experiment with a few different specs of computers ranging from laptop to high end desktop computers, with Beta 1.5 version IPUServices.

Overall I think it make sense to me at least.

It’s not just depending on how powerful your computer is, but it’s based on what’s installing, running in the background that you don’t see easily, how much system resources left. So a lot of people are complaining why their new computer 2 years old, 1 year old, 1 month old, high end gaming, doesn’t earn much. Well sometime that don’t matter much. What matter is available resources combination of cpu, gpu video, ram, background run applications or services and so on. These would get calculated to being idle %.

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Again it work for me, make sense and I think it can be released, hopefully by this month the latest, since I don’t see any further development needed, as I don’t see major bugs being reported. The test that I did involved various specs of computers and laptops, and if I were to run a lot of start up program or have a lot of programs including services running in the background, I wouldn’t see maximum earnings much. When I disabled all programs, applications, start up program background jobs, services and so on, I can see big different, we would get the max. The term Idle said it all.

I approved this 1.5 Beta, please move to production. 😀