IPUServices.com forums more and more people are posting SCAM feedback but IPUServices.com reported more people getting onboard

Just in case you missed. Fro folks whom has been watching IPUServices.com status, everything they said has been misleading so far, they responded to users feedback by saying what they think is correct from their own point of view. They do not appear to care about the users. For instant, Beta released, they missed the date, mislead users saying Beta make no money, they didn’t mention this specifically. Now one person in the forum very active has been contacting IPUServices.com to get a refund or cancel, but never work out and in the end he got refund but IPUServices.com banned his account. Furthermore latest event was the promise of top referrals will get $500, but never happened as of today.

Apparently many smart people all indicate that IPUServices.com isn’t what they said they are. Honest? NO, Legitimate? NO, Delivery what they promised? NO, Being professional? NO, and more. Even though if they are working on the software but ran into problem couldn’t commit to even a month delay that’s bad, although they said they’re ontime for released date Beta and working full version to make money, never happened. TheBoss was very impolite, the forummanager working with TheBoss to permanently delete posts that talks about the truth and facts about the what really happening with IPUServices.com becomming a SCAM. That’s very bad.

There are still hope, but need to realize the mistake and more mistake IPUServices.com has been making, mislead users and pointing finger at the users, don’t care about the users feedback or banned them or deleted posts that talks about the truth how bad IPUServices.com really are.