IPUServices.com marketing strategy that work no more Division Accounts manager available

A couple of days ago, IPUServices.com sent out an email with detail on the project and final Beta release programs, somewhere down the line of the email it mentioned, this is your last chance to get Division and Regional managers, because once the Beta completed and Final Earning version released the price of Division Manager Accounts and Regional Account will go up to double amount. You know what? this is a marketing strategy that work, people rushed into buying the Regional and Division manager account now all the spots has been fulfilled. However what will happen next? will the software will ever get released for earning? or will they kill time another 30 days with new stories and updates that mislead users to believe? Remember after certain period of days, for paypal payza I believe 15-30 days or so to get refund and dispute, after that you can’t dispute to get your money back too late, that amount of money is gone, nothing you can do about it other than whining and complaint but they will simply ignore you.

So it’s all about marketing strategy getting people to buy in and then simply make up stories news and update, and then when the term of 30 days over where the users can no longer dispute or get their money back, they will run away disappear from the internet. These are the many strategies online HYIP are doing, or similar to HYIP with a twist such as coingeneration.com same with coinbeez and IPUservices.com no exception.